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Break The Chain Worksheet

Break The Chain Worksheet

Do you ever find yourself trapped in a cycle of intense food cravings, overeating, emotional eating, or feeling out of control at the sight of food? If your relationship with food feels "complicated," you're not alone. Our "Break the Chain" worksheet is here to help!

This worksheet is designed to help you confront and understand the complex emotions and behaviors surrounding your eating habits. Whether you're dealing with stress eating, unwanted bing eating, or simply looking to gain a deeper insight into your food choices, this tool is tailored to support your journey towards a healthier, more controlled approach to eating.

Why download the Worksheet?

  • Empowering Self-Reflection: Through targeted questions, you'll begin to uncover the root causes of your eating patterns. This process encourages a mindful understanding of what triggers your food-related challenges, paving the way for change.

  • Flexible and Reusable:  This worksheet can be revisited anytime you experience an episode of stressful, upsetting, or unwanted eating. Its repeatable nature means you can continue to gain insights and develop strategies that work for you.

  • Practical and Insightful: Beyond just identifying problems, this worksheet offers practical steps to help you break the cycle of emotional eating. It’s a tool for anyone ready to take control and make positive changes to their eating habits.

  • Accessible and Easy to Use: Available for immediate download, you can start your journey towards a healthier relationship with food today. Whether at home, on the go, or anywhere in between, this worksheet is ready when you are.

Take Control of Your Eating Habits


Take control of your food experiences. Download the "Break the Chain" worksheet for free now!

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