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“Diana was recommended to me as a nutrition and fitness coach that could help me reduce fat and increase muscle strength.  When we met, I told her my elusive requirement: “I feel like a rusty wreck in the back of the auto junk yard. I want to look like a Ferrari”. Considering that I’m 76 and have lived life “large” her laughter was understandable.

When working together, Diana made sure that I shined. Shine was her word for sweat. If she wanted more shine, I would hear one of her favorite phrases: “give me two more reps”, “hold each rep 2 seconds”, or “let’s add more weight”. As I reached the peak of my performance in an exercise she would spot for me and begin chanting “You got this.” There were no easy workouts, just good workouts.”

Changing my diet meant I had to change the way I thought about food. Every meal should be fuel for the body not a party in the mouth, this was a massive mental move for me. Diana taught me the importance of macro nutrients, fat, protein, and carbohydrates.  I learned how to schedule what and when I ate to give me the right amount of energy throughout the day, no more afternoon slumps.

The results.  I have lost 18 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks of training and can do more reps with heavier weights and better control in every exercise.  Every day activities are done with greater ease and more agility, as a result I accomplish more every day.

So how do I feel?  The rusty wreck is out of the junkyard and is being rebuilt. With Diana’s help I am closer to looking like a Ferrari.

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